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During Covid, all of our students, parents and teachers became well-acquainted with Chromebooks while we participated in remote and hybrid learning. What you may not know is that the SEF funded a three-year technology grant to ensure that every student at Sparta High School was equipped with their own Chromebook.

In 2016, the SEF began funding a three-year grant as part of the 1:1 Initiative of connecting each student to a computer. As a result, we funded a grant for over $200,000 to secure nearly 1,800 Chromebooks and scores of mobile charging carts. Once the success at the high school was realized, the Board of Education moved forward with funding Chromebooks for students in the lower grades.

Whether our students are learning in-person in the classroom, or at remotely at the kitchen table, Chromebooks are an essential part of their educational experience. Thanks to the progressive attitude of our school district, Sparta students are well prepared to keep on learning…even during a pandemic.

Now you know!