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The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted much longer than most of us could have imagined! When the world turns upside down, how can you continue to engage in your favorite activities, like volunteering to help the public schools in Sparta? Between economic challenges and the need to stay safer at home, volunteering can be much more difficult, but we need help more than ever! Here are some great ways to volunteer during a pandemic!

Give Time and Attention

Even when most people were stuck at home, most people had even more to do than ever before! Between figuring out teleconferencing, setting up kids for homeschooling, trying to work from home, and checking the news, there is not a lot of “spare” time during a pandemic. Break your own anxiety and do something good for others when you donate your time and attention during a pandemic! This may mean helping to sort through emails, checking donor names against a list of databases, entering data, or other “boring” tasks. Every little bit helps!

Be “On-Call”

Some volunteer activities, like monitoring a phone, email, or social media account, requires someone to be on-call, waiting, ready to respond. Are you familiar enough with your favorite charitable organization’s policies and procedures that you could be the answer person? Social media and other digital sites run 24/7, so there’s always something for you to check.

Of Course We Need Money

Like any other time, much of our charitable work supporting the public schools has to do with closing resource gaps. Translation: we need money to support the schools! From technology upgrades to sports equipment, professional training to grants supporting research, we help to funnel your donations to worthy causes in the public schools. If you can spare it, even a dollar is a start to fund the best education for our children!

Volunteering during a pandemic is a lot like volunteering at any other time—you may miss out on some of our most exciting fundraising events, and believe us, we miss them too! But even though we are less visible, remember: just as many kids in the public schools need your help! Through the pandemic and beyond, let’s show our Sparta pride and support our schools!