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As the proud Superintendent of Schools for the Sparta Township Public Schools and the district administration representative for the Sparta Education Foundation (SEF), I would like to welcome you to the new and improved SEF website! I am honored to be invited to share the very first blog post on the new SEF website to share with you the accomplishments of this great organization and their outreach and support for the students and staff of the Sparta Township Public Schools.

The Sparta Education Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) NJ nonprofit corporation committed to enhancing the educational experience for students in the Sparta Township Public Schools. Their mission is to engage the entire community in philanthropic giving that strengthens our public schools, supports our teachers, and inspires our students. Since 2006, the SEF has raised and donated over $1,000,000 in the spirit of fulfilling their mission. These donations have funded projects such as the district’s Chromebook program, 3D printers, audiobooks, diversifying literature, the Coral Reef Active Learning Center, flexible seating for student learning, community gardens across the district, and much, much more!

The grants funded by the SEF have impacted every building, every classroom and every student throughout the Sparta Township Public School district. The fundraising activities developed by the SEF have become Sparta community traditions including the Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving morning and the Dragon Boat Festival each spring. I am very proud to say that a very high percentage of the money raised goes directly back to funding grants for the benefit of our Spartan staff and students.

This new website contains all important information about the SEF and for anyone that wishes to join the SEF to help fulfill their goal of supporting all Spartan students. This incredibly noble and monumental goal can only be achieved through the tireless and dedicated efforts of the SEF with the continued support and assistance of an army of volunteers. The SEF values the time, talents, and expertise of our fellow Spartans and invites you to lend a helping hand to further enhance and enrich the educational experience of our students in Sparta.

As a Spartan parent and current Superintendent of Schools in Sparta, I strongly encourage you to support the SEF as an event volunteer, board member or sponsor. Your support directly impacts the educational experience our children have in Sparta. There is a tremendous amount of information on the SEF website for your review, however anyone is welcome to attend the SEF monthly board meetings to learn more about the SEF or how to get involved.

I want to thank the SEF and their board of trustees for their work to continually support the educational and extracurricular efforts of the Sparta Township Public Schools. I will continue to volunteer with and support the SEF no matter my role in the community and encourage my fellow Spartans to do the same. I wish the Sparta Education Foundation all the best in their efforts to support our students and the continued success of this amazing organization! GO SPARTA!!