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During these unusual times, it seems like everyone is looking for donations. With so many needs, it can be hard to decide where to donate time or resources, and if you don’t have children of your own right now, you may not think of the public schools. However, public schools don’t just help our kids—they make the whole community in Sparta stronger. Read on to see how your donations to the Sparta Education Foundation promote Sparta pride!

  1. STEM education. In recent years, the state budget for New Jersey has cut away at much funding for the education system—including the important fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! In 20 years, who’s going to service your robot? Hopefully one of the bright students at the Sparta Alpine School, where we sent grants for STEM programming!
  2. Connect with youth. Just like any society, Sparta has a division between the old and the young—or, the Zoomers and Boomers, if you prefer! Connecting our history and our future is so important, and you connect with each donation of time, money, or resources!
  3. Even the playing field. Were you the kid who “had everything” growing up, or one of those who only wished you could have what others had? Charitable organizations like the SEF help all students reach their fullest potential, providing virtual expedition kits, audiobooks, and supplementary reading materials for all students who need them!
  4. Get moving! Today’s kids (and adults!) spend too much time sitting around! Through the programs supported by SEF, we have helped bring sports equipment, rowing programs, flexible seating, and so many other opportunities for kids to move, building physical health and academic achievement!

Are you ready to make a valuable donation? Why not support the Sparta Education Foundation? When you donate to our organization, you can trust that your time and resources are being spent wisely, right in your community! Contact us today to see how you can help!